Writing for Wellbeing

A series of workshops that encourage the use of creative writing to support wellbeing. 

Written by self-help author, professional writing lecturer and wellbeing workshop leader, Anjali Wierny, and presented by Billboard's Gemma Lidgard. 




I'm really enjoying Ted Stanley’s Creative Writing Course. It’s challenging, stimulating, interesting, and good fun.'


‘The tips for generating story ideas are brilliant.'


'The two-hour session flies by. Can't believe four of the six classes have gone already. I hope more are planned in the pipeline?’


'Can we write it? Yes, we can. Inspiring, helpful, extremely intensive

( Phew!) course. Brilliant!

'Writing is a craft and, like any other craft you have to learn a range of skills in order to practice it successfully. The more skillful you become the better you are able to get those wonderful ideas out of you head and onto the page.'  

Ted Stanley, Hammond House Founder

Writing for Wellbeing | Introduction (Free)

The course of six workshops and learning resources is available to members for